Christian Rapper, excellent blog post on trials and tribulations.

This post will tie in somewhat with my next sermon.

Do you complain.

As christians today we go through many trials and face many hardships. Much of us are in financial debt or have a physical illness of some sort . Some may be facing evictions and others may have recently been fired from a job or even in the process of trying to find one. Many don’t even know how they are going to pay their rent at the end of the month. All of us have some sort of trial that we are going through and all of us to one degree or another struggle with sin. Read more …

Jovan also has an excellent album for free download. Read more …

Narrow Road Famine

We celebrate 25 years since Presbyterian services resumed in Kerang

Celebrating 25 years of Christian Witness in Kerang
Sunday 13th March
Join us in worship at 9:30am where the Right Reverend Andrew Bray (PCV Moderator) will be preaching.
We celebrate 25 years since Presbyterian services resumed in Kerang with Dr John H Muller.
Following the special service we will enjoy fellowship over a shared lunch.

An amazing result (Family Voice Australia)

While only 61 Australian babies were adopted last year, abortions totaled some 90,000. And the pressure to abort continues to grow. Two years ago, the Victorian Labor government helped pass a new law allowing abortion for any reason up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, and up to birth if two doctors (for example, at an abortion clinic) agree. Thus, incredibly, Melbourne abortionists may legally kill babies just minutes before their birth, yet would be prosecuted for murder if the killing occurred shortly afterwards. ref