PYV North Camp

The next PYV Camp is North Camp, held on Friday, 21st September, Sunday, 23rd September at Crystal Creek Christian Camp, Alexandra. This is the second out of our three new regional camps we are running this year.
North Camp is aimed more specifically to cater for young people between the ages of 12-21 from churches within the presbyteries of northern Melbourne and Victoria.
Online camp registrations have opened on the PYV website, and will close on Sunday, 9th September 2012.  Downloadable registration forms can also be found on the North Camp page the PYV website.
If you have any further questions regarding North Camp, please contact Convenor, Shady Mehanni at or on 0400 054 626.
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Crystal Creek Christian Camp website

Flood Crises

Swan Hill is now in a grip of a flood crises, above is a slide show of flood photographs, hold your mouse pointer over the image for the caption.

Please contact me for any commercial use of these photos, high resolution versions available at, all monies will be donated to flood relief.

Kerang Floods

I thank you all very much for your prayers and messages. I am an Elder at Kerang Presbyterian Church and live in Swan Hill which is about 60k from Kerang.
Kerang is currently totally isolated, but the levy banks are holding, just. The Kerang power station is also totally surrounded by water, if it is shuts down 20,000 homes and business will loose power. Many people have been evacuated from Kerang, including most of the older members of our congregation.
We in Swan Hill are preparing for the arrival of the water, many outlying houses are being sandbagged but like Kerang there will be a number of houses flooded.

Kerang township surrounded by water
Kerang township surrounded by water
Kerang power station surrounded by water
Kerang power station surrounded by water

Rudie and Heila leave for Sydney

Yesterday Rudi preached his last sermon at Kerang. It is with great regret that Pastor Rudi Schwartz resigned due to medical reasons. He has not been well for some time now and has decided to take an extended break from ministry work. We have all enjoyed Rudi’s preaching and both Rudi and Heila will be greatly missed.  Rudi can be contacted through his website. I will continue to upload sermons to our podcast and update the website.

Sermon Podcast Available

We have just setup a podcast of our Sunday sermons, this will enable us to post the sermons earlier and make it easier for our listeners to download. We will also be able to post video clips, interviews etc. I encourage all interested to subscribe. Just go to our podcast page and click on the itunes icon. In the future audio sermons will only be available for download on our podcast page. PDF files will be available as normal.

New Podcast
New Podcast