A Story about LIFE

An amazing short film called ‘A Story about LIFE’ has been produced by Pro-Life Victoria (by Parham Media).

The film highlights the vote by the Victorian parliament on the Abortion Law Reform Act in 2008 that legalised abortion in Victoria. The film features Melissa Ohden, a US woman who was born alive after her mother had an abortion – visit her website. It also features Peter Kavanagh, a DLP Member of Parliament who explains what the abortion law includes.
There is a 12 minute version – as well as the shorter, 4 minute version above for those who want to show it in churches in the lead up to the Victorian election on November 27, 2010.

View the 12 minute version of ‘A Story about LIFE’

Pro-Life Victoria has also posted a LIST on their website, showing the way ALL Victorian MPs voted on the abortion legislation. Click here.

For more details, including votes on amendments, visit the Life Vote website.