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The Big Bang
Scientists are preparing to smash protons together in a 27-kilometre tunnel deep underground, in the hopes of detecting extra dimensions, 'dark matter' and the mysterious Higgs boson -- the so-called 'God particle.'...

In the name of any god
Florida megachurch pastor Joel Hunter broke the mold by interrupting the final benediction of the Democratic National Convention to request that all who prayed with him "close this prayer in the way your faith tradition would close your prayer...


Plenary Indulgence
The recent visit of the Pope to Australia for World Youth Day certainly drew attention to the Roman Church. Our television screens were painted with the white and purple robes of the pontiff, with thousands of people surrounding him...

Covenant Theology

Being Presbyterian
What makes us Presbyterian? Does being a Presbyterian make one a different sort of Christian? What can one expect when one joins a Presbyterian Church?

Kerang Presbyterian Church History

The beginning and progress of the Kerang Presbyterian Church, by James Thompson
In the easier times the Victorian Government granted free sites for the erection of Church Buildings. One such site was applied for and granted for that purpose to the Presbyterian people of Kerang, but what date I do not know, or who the applicant or applicants were.

The Bible

The Authority of Scripture 1
The Bible, like no other book in history, has withstood vicious attacks from its enemies. Many have tried to ban it, burn it and outlaw it ...

The Authority of Scripture 2

The Authority of Scripture 3

The Authority of Scripture 4

The Authority of Scripture 5

One of the absurdities of post-modernism, as applied to semantics, is the notion that no one can ever fully understand what any other person wants to communicate...



1. Worship in the melting pot
WORSHIP IS TRULY in the melting pot. A new style of praise has swept into evangelical life, shaking to the foundations traditional concepts and attitudes. The style of worship followed throughout the entire history of Bible-believing churches has been shunted on to the sidelines — and why not? Young friends are asking...

2. Worship in the melting pot – Spiritual or aesthetic worship

3. Worship in the melting pot – Rational or Ecstatic worship

4. Worship in the melting pot – Sacred of profane worship

5. Worship in the melting pot – Let the Lord define worship

6. Worship in the melting pot – Reverence begins in the place of worship

7. Worship in the melting pot – Three battles for the soul of Evangelism

Simplify Kennedy Space Station and Worship
The cry from certain groups within the evangelical understanding of worship is to have seeker‐friendly and seeker‐sensitive worship services...

The Challenge to be Faithful
We struggle to come to grips with a church that seems to lose ground against population growth. Congregations are small and finances are limited...

The Songs we Sing in Worship
Much is said about the regulative principle for worship, with which all who call themselves serious and faithful students of the Word of God must agree. As someone puts it, “We must worship the only God only as He commanded!”...

Purity of Worship
... I somewhere else wrote, “Worship is standards applied/ theology practised. Theology shapes worship and worship
impacts upon theology.”...

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Presbyterian Inland Mission

The Presbyterian Inland Mission is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Australia which by God’s grace is seeking to continue what John Flynn started 100 years ago, that is; to take the good news of Jesus Christ ‘beyond the furthest fences’.