The Presbyterian Inland Mission (PIM) is the successor ministry in the Presbyterian Church of Australia to the Australian Inland Mission founded in 1912 with the Rev. Dr John Flynn as its first Superintendent.

The PIM is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and has an expanding network of patrol ministries in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales,  Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania & the Northern Territory. 

The PIM is also involved in a growing range of caring/Philanthropic/community assistance activities - including the provision of relief to assist with the impact of drought, isolation, suffering and medical emergencies.  These ministries and activities are offered freely to all and any of the people of the great Outback and Inland of the Commonwealth of Australia, in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord.

For many who live within the ever expanding ministry areas of the PIM, life continues to be very hard indeed.  This makes the labour of the patrol teams of the PIM more and more demanding but also increasingly important, as by the power of the Holy Spirit they touch a growing number of people with Christian love.

Rev. Dr John Flynn


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Presbyterian Inland Mission

The Presbyterian Inland Mission is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Australia which by God’s grace is seeking to continue what John Flynn started 100 years ago, that is; to take the good news of Jesus Christ ‘beyond the furthest fences’.